Where horses and humans connect

We adhere to Covid-19 safety measures in our outdoor ranch setting using mask wearing, social distancing, and hand hygiene.


At Happy Horse Ranch, we celebrate the power of the human-animal bond and we embrace the benefits of incorporating horses into the therapeutic experience. Our Equine-Assisted Services are inspired by The EAGALA Model which offers a distinct therapeutic framework designed to allow people the freedom to discover, learn, and grow from the horse-human relationship. Our Ranch Wellness class is hands-on with the horses and incorporates elements of natural horsemanship and herd dynamics into experiential learning.


  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced social skills and reduced loneliness
  • Improved communication skills
  • Reduced depression
  • Strengthened coping skills
  • Physical activity and enhanced body awareness
  • Increased sense of self and self-esteem


Horses are highly intuitive and sensitive beings who have a special ability to connect in ways that help you become present-focused, to identify your feelings, and to work through barriers without shame or stigma. Horses are large and powerful, and it is hard to ignore their presence – much like a seemingly impossible life issue. As such, horses can provide a metaphor for events or situations in your life.

Because of their size, innate and acute sensitivity, and non-verbal nature, horses have a unique appeal helping clients of all ages become more engaged.

horse rolling


Happy Horse Ranch is a private ranch that opens the gates to people for Equine Assisted Services. It’s a place where you can develop new skills, re-connect with peers, find out more about yourself, work through your unique challenges, build family bonding, get inspired and experience joy. Our Equine Assisted Services are guided by the methodologies of Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) as well as natural horsemanship and herd dynamics. Our experienced staff are welcoming, supportive and horse savvy. Happy Horse Ranch equine assisted therapy is a full sensory outdoor experience and can be complementary to traditional treatment.

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